What You Can Wear To Look Slimmer

What are styles/ type of clothing that you can wear to look slimmer? What are styles that you should avoid? Symmetry will make you look thin. So if you wear skinny jeans, that will make you look skinny at the bottom (where your legs are smallest) and huge at the top (where your body connects) A good way to look slim is to wear boot cut or bell bottom pants with high shoes or platforms. That will make your legs look long and slim and make your hips look smaller instead of sticking out the top of your slim fits. Cargos are also a good idea. Whatever pants you pick, make sure that the seam on the leg goes straight down your leg without bending. If the pants don’t fit you right, they’ll never look good. Capri’s and Bermuda shorts; they cover up the biggest part of your legs, your thighs. Obviously black is the big hider, but there are many other options.

1) Get fitted outfits. They flatter your curves the best. Too small shows all the extra flab, too big looks like your trying to hide something.

2) Common fact: vertical strips thin you, horizontal widen you

3) Don’t wear skinny jeans if your legs aren’t sticks they are unflattering or alo those crop jackets which expose the tummy.

4) Get a nice straight leg jeans, it will give a slimming effect (similar to skinny jeans on straight legged people)

5) Try not to wear babydoll shirts. Yes, they are very light on the stomach, but people don’t call them pregnant looking shirts for no reason. They tend to make little people look bigger, and it only increases the effect with heavier people

6) Wear heels! They are flattering on ALL types, as they make you look leaner and taller. Even just a kitten heel helps.

7) Wear skirts that hit just above your knee. They show your legs off, but not too much (and don’t show thighs!)

8) Invest in a nice fitted blazer. Hoodies cover everything, but make everything look larger too

9) Wear large belts just above your wait to accentuate the smallest part of you

10) You can still wear shorter skirts; just pair them up with some black leggings for a cute

11) Dresses! Dresses flatter almost every figure if you get the right ones. Try an empire waist, which just flows from the waist down. Perfect for summer =)